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Our Process

Small Shop, Large Capability

From start to finish Wood Window Workshop manages each project with extreme care and attention to detail.  Because we are a small custom shop (with large capability) our customers get immediate and personal attention both from the owner and our shop manager.  This results in a collaborative approach to the design and fabrication of your windows and doors and allows us to work closely with you to incorporate the details and features you want. 

Value Engineered

The success of each project starts with a full and complete set of shop drawings showing precisely how your windows and doors are constructed. We carefully value engineer the design to insure we use the best materials and fabrication techniques to meet your project requirements.  Once the shop drawings are reviewed and signed off by you we begin the fabrication process.  Since each job we do is unique and different we have no standard designs or parts in inventory.  We start with a pile of rough lumber and mill each component to it's final shape and size. 

Quality Craftsmanship

With the exception of our CAD shop drawings, there is nothing high-tech about our millwork operation.  Our  craftsmen employ the time tested woodworking techniques passed down through the generations. This hands-on approach gives each or our craftsman the power of quality control.  At any point in the production process our skilled artisans can red-flag an operation and halt production until the problem is fixed. 

Let's Get Started

To get the process started for your unique project send us your drawings, specifications, and schedules along with digital photos of the existing windows and doors you want reproduced or matched. For more information email us at: